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Unless otherwise specified, all clients will be housed in our outfitter tent with a wood burning stove and bunkbed, military style cots. Clients are responsible for bringing their own sleeping bags, pads, and pillows.


Breakfast, lunch, and dinner will be provided by the outfitter. Expect standard eggs and bacon, sandwiches, meat and vegetable meals. We will try to add wild game to meals when possible. By law outfitters and guides cannot provide alcohol in Arizona so bring your own if you’re going to drink.

Daily Routine

Expect to wake up to breakfast and coffee or tea before dawn. We'll either hike or drive to our hunting location if needed. Depending on the specifics of the hunt you can count on glassing or still hunting for the first few hours of the day, putting on a stalk as animals are found, and eating a lunch in the field or possibly going back to camp for lunch. The evening will be similar, with a few hours of glassing, still hunting, or stalking before heading back to camp for dinner after sunset. 

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