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John and Bob Bax grew up on the East coast, to a non-hunting family. We both loved to get outdoors to hike, camp, paddle, and fish a bit, but didn't even know anyone who hunts. Having gone our separate ways, Bob to Arizona and John to Maryland, we came to hunting around the same time and for the same reasons. We needed food for our bellies as well as our souls.

Bob taught himself to put meat in the pot when his first daughter was born. Starting with squirrels then moving on to deer, elk, and javelina Bob picked up the craft from a couple veteran hunters he met through his work as a craftsman. 

While in school, John met a hunting mentor with a farm on Maryland's Eastern Shore. There he learned the ropes while chasing white-tailed deer, sika deer, turkeys, and small game.

Back together, in northern Arizona, we hunt whenever we can. By necessity we learned how to field dress, butcher, and package our own game. In our free time we process the hides and trophies as well.

Knowing how difficult it can be to learn woodsmanship and hunting skills on your own we decided to start this company to help others get out to hunt and harvest. 

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