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$3000 - $5000 depending on sex of animal and season

Elk. The epitome of the western big-game quarry. The name conjures up images of screaming bulls and clashing antlers. Bull tags may take some time to draw in Arizona but most units have trophy bulls and low hunter numbers. Cow tags are much easier to come by but these are still acquired by draw and thus may take a non-resident a couple years to draw. We recommend contacting us before you put in for the draw so we can advise you.

Whether you have a bull or cow tag, if you're fortunate enough to put an elk on the ground, you can count on a full freezer at home. At H&H we love food so hunting elk is one of our favorite things. Guides will field-dress, quarter the animal, and pack it out as well as prepare any trophy as requested for the taxidermist. We are also happy to fully skin the animal if you want to get the whole hide tanned as well. (If you have a specific taxidermist in mind, please have them contact us to coordinate). Hunters are responsible for their game meat and trophies once it leaves camp. You will want to find a local game processor and/or taxidermist and deliver the meat asap.

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